Ohio Labor Market Information

Employment Projections

Employment projections are available for industry employment, occupational employment and labor force size. Projected annual job openings by occupation include employment growth, netnurse replacement needs, training levels and wage information.

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About Employment Projections

Publications present projections of industry and occupational employment, projected annual job openings, average wages, and education or training level for each occupation. The statewide data for Ohio also includes labor force size by age and gender. Projections are available for Ohio, the six regions of the JobsOhio Network Link to map of JobsOhio Network, and eight large metropolitan areas Link to map of Metropolitan Statisitical Areas. For more information about Ohio Employment Projections, contact Lewis Horner, Assistant Bureau Chief, at Lewis.Horner@jfs.ohio.gov or (614) 466-9824.

Note: Projections of occupational growth for all state and the national as a whole are available at State Occupational Projections.

Data Source

Projections are developed from a variety of data sources, including:

Level of Detail


Updated biennially.


Labor Market Projections are used primarily for planning education & training programs and for career counseling.


As with all forecasts and projections, Labor Market Projections are subject to error, especially if events negate underlying assumptions. Generally, relative error increases with smaller industries, occupations and areas.

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