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Business Finder - A complete and easily accessed database of companies throughout the nation.

Local Employment Dynamics supplies statistics on employment, job creation, wages and worker turnover by state, county, metro area and workforce investment area and by industry, age and sex.

The Economic Development and Employer Planning System is an analytical tool for business, workforce and economic planners. EDEPS facilitates the analysis of economic health, industry performance, population trends, labor supply and demand, training resources, income characteristics, and market potential.

Population, housing, economic and geographic data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Create and view your own data extracts or export them to your desktop for further manipulation or analysis. Specify what data to view, such as areas, time periods, industries or occupations.

Civilian Labor Force Estimates Query. View and download employment, unemployment and labor force statistics from Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS)

Current Employment Statistics Query (CES). View and download current and historical data on employment by industry for Ohio and 12 metropolitan areas. Where available, hours and earnings are provided.

Employment and Wages by Industry Query (QCEW) provides the number of business establishments, employees and wages by selected industry.

Green Energy Cluster Crosswalk provides a crosswalk from general green energy clusters to detailed employment and wage trends at the NAICS 6-digit level.

Industry Staffing Patterns & Occupational Patterns.  Industry Staffing Patterns list what occupations are employed in an industry. Occupational Patterns list the industries that commonly employ a specified occupation.

Occupational Profiles with wages and skills. Includes occupational codes, titles and definitions.

Occupational Wages & Employment (OES) provides wage estimates for a variety of occupations by area.

Occupations by Education & Wages allows you to view occupations for education, training and wage levels you specify.

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