Workforce Commuting Patterns 2011

Data for the county Inflow-Outflow reports are from Unemployment Compensation wage records for the second quarter of 2011. They were processed by the U.S. Census as part of the Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics program. Click on a county or select it from the list below to view its report. Information on how to use these reports can be found in the Using the Inflow-Outflow Report guide.

  • 2016 (based on 2016 wage record data)
  • 2015 (based on 2015 wage record data)
  • 2014 (based on 2014 wage record data)
  • 2013 (based on 2013 wage record data)
  • 2011 (based on 2011 wage record data)
  • 2006-2010 (5-year data, based on American Community Survey)
  • 2000 (based on the 2000 Census)
  • 1990 (based on the 1990 Census)

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