Ohio Labor Market Information

Labor Market Information Training

The Office of Workforce Development offers real-time interactive webinars and pre-recorded self-guided products to instruct and engage workforce professionals across Ohio on how to maximize the usability of labor market information, including how to navigate the new OhioLMI website.

Labor Market Information Fundamentals

Lesson 1: Basic Terms and Concepts


  • Learn whom to contact within Ohio Bureau of Labor Market Information based on specific needs.
  • Understand Labor Market Information ( LMI) terms, concepts and definitions.

*This area is under redevelopment*

Lesson 2: Labor Market Information Programs


  • Explain the basics of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and Employment and Training Administration (ETA) programs
  • Learn how to navigate to LMI resources and data on the World Wide Web
  • Understand general uses of LMI for a variety of different customers


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Webinar Recording

Powerpoint Slides

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at lmicontact@jfs.ohio.gov or (614) 752-9494.